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Living Stereo LSC LP Series

The original Living Stereo releases on LP had a catalogue prefix of LSC. This is a listing of LSC titles compiled by Mitchell. Only classical or "pop" classical titles are included. I do not know of its completeness or accuracy. Corrections and additions welcome.


LSC 1806 Richard Strauss - Also Sprach Zarathustra / Reiner CSO
LSC 1817 Offenbach - Gaite Parisienne / Fiedler BPO
LSC 1893 Maurice Ravel - Daphnis et Chloe / Munch BSO
LSC 1900 Heitor Berlioz - Symphonie Fantastique / Munch BSO (may not have been released)
LSC 1901 Tchaikovsky Sym. #6 Monteux/BSO
LSC 1903 Brahms Con. in D(Violin) Heifetz/Reiner/CSO
LSC 1934 Bartok Concerto For Orch. Reiner/CSO
LSC 1984 Ravel/Debussy Bolero/La Valse/Afternoon Faun / Munch BSO
LSC 1990 Offenbach Offenbach in America Fiedler/BPO
LSC 1991 Beethoven Sym. #7/Fidelio Over. Reiner/CSO
LSC 1992 Beethoven Con. in D(Violin) Heifetz/Munch/BSO
LSC 1994 Lecuona/Falla Jungle Drums Gould and Orch.
LSC 2028 Family Waltzes by Strauss Family Fiedler/BPO
LSC 2052 Tchaikovsky Nutcracker Suite Fiedler/BPO
LSC 2068 Rachmaninoff/Liszt Con. #2/Con. #2 Rubinstein/Reiner/CSO
LSC 2077 Strauss
LSC 2080 Brass and Percussion Gould and Sym. Band
LSC 2084 Rossini-Respighi La Boutique Fantasque Ibert Divertisement Fiedler
LSC 2085 Stravinsky Rite of Spring Monteux/PCO
LSC 2097 Brahms Symphony #1 Munch/BSO
LSC 2100 Hi-Fi Fiedler / Fiedler BPO
LSC 2104 Blues in the Night / Gould
LSC 2105 Tchaikovsky/Elgar Serenade/Intro. and Allegro Munch/BSO
LSC 2109 Walton/Bloch Cello Con./Schelmo Piatigorsky/Munch BSO
LSC 2111 Debussy/Ibert La Mer/Escales Munch/BSO
LSC 2112 Strauss
LSC 2120 Beethoven Con. #1 Rubinstein/Krips/Sym. of Air
LSC 2121 Beethoven Con. #2 Rubinstein Krips/Sym. of Air
LSC 2122 Beethoven Con. #3 Rubinstein/Krips/Sym. of Air
LSC 2123 Beethoven Con. #4 Rubinstein/Krips Sym. of Air
LSC 2124 Beethoven Con. #5 Rubinstein/Krips Sym. of Air
LSC 2125 Grieg Peer Gynt/Lyric Suite Farrell(Sopr.)/Fiedler/BPO
LSC 2129 Tchaikovsky Violin Con. Heifetz/Reiner/CSO
LSC 2130 Strauss
LSC 2131 Franck Sym. in D min. Munch/BSO
LSC 2134 Overture! Overture! Agoult/NSOL
LSC 2139 Christmas Hymns and Carols Shaw Chorale
LSC 2147 Schubert Quintet(Trout) Festival Quartet and Sankey
LSC 2150 Prokofiev/Stravinsky Lt Kije/Song of Nightingale
LSC 2177 Tchaikovsky Sleeping Beauty Monteux/LSO
LSC 2183 The Reiner Sound Reiner/CSO
LSC 2195 Copland Billy the Kid/Rodeo Gould
LSC 2199 A Mighty Fortress Shaw Chorale
LSC 2201 Moussorgsky-Ravel Pict. at an Exhibition Reiner/CSO
LSC 2202 Borodin/Rimsky-Korsakov Pops Caviar Fiedler/BPO
LSC 2207 Schumann Carnaval Fantasy Ania Dorfman(Piano)
LSC 2208 Rimsky-Korsakov Scheherezade Monteux/LSO
LSC 2209 Brahms Symphony #3 Reiner/CSO
LSC 2213 Boston Tea Party Fiedler/BPO
LSC 2214 Dvorak Sym. #5 (New World) Reiner/CSO
LSC 2216 Tchaikovsky Symphony #6 Reiner/CSO
LSC 2217 Batons and Bows Gould
LSC 2219 Brahms Con. #2(Piano) Gilels/Reiner/CSO
LSC 2221 Mendelssohn Italian and Reformation Symphony
LSC 2222 Debussy/Ravel Iberia/Alborado Reiner/CSO
LSC 2224 Where's the Melody/ Gould
LSC 2225 Witches Brew Gibson/NSOL
LSC 2226 Rodgers Victory at Sea Vol. 2 Bennett/RCAVO
LSC 2228 Berlioz Harold in Italy Primrose(Viola) Munch/BSO
LSC 2229 Marches in Hi-Fi Fiedler/BPO
LSC 2230 Albeniz/Etc. Spain Reiner/CSO
LSC 2231 On Stage / Shaw Chorale
LSC 2232 Moon
LSC 2233 Beethoven Symphony #3 Munch/BSO
LSC 2234 Saint-Saens/Franck Con. #2/Sym. Var. Rubinstein/Wallenstein & Orch.
LSC 2235 Music to Have Fun With / Fiedler/BPO
LSC 2237 Rachmaninoff Con. #3(Piano) Janis/Munch/BSO
LSC 2238 It's Classic But Good / Bennett/RCAVO
LSC 2239 Tchaikovsky Symphony #5 Monteux/BSO
LSC 2240 Gottschalk-Kay/Sousa Cakewalk/Stars and Stripes Fiedler/BPO
LSC 2241 Brahms/Tchaikovsky/Liszt/Mendelssohn Tragic Overture/1812 Overture/Mephisto Waltz/Fingals Cave Reiner
LSC 2247 Deep River / Shaw Chorale
LSC 2249 Ponchielli La Gioconda Previtali/ROHO/Milanov/DiStefano
LSC 2251 Hovhaness Mysterious Mountain Stravinsky Fairy's Kiss/Divertimento Reiner/CSO
LSC 2252 Tchaikovsky Con. #1(Piano) Van Cliburn/Kondrashin
LSC 2253 Gluck Orefo and Euridice Monteux/Rome Op./Stevens (Soprano)
LSC 2254 Victoria Requiem Mass Mount Angel Choir
LSC 2255 Wagner Brun. Imol./Libestod Farell (Soprano)/Munch/BSO
LSC 2256 Schumann Con. in A min. Rubinstein Krips/RCACO
LSC 2257 Elgar/Bliss Pomp and Circumstance/Things to Come/Welcome to the Queen Bliss LSO
LSC 2261 Shostakovitch Symphony #5 Mitchell/NSO
LSC 2265 Chopin The Rubinstein Story Rubinstein (Piano) Con. #2/Andante Spinato/Grande Polonaise Wallenstein
LSC 2268 Encores / Virgil Fox (Organ)
LSC 2270 Pops Stoppers / Fiedler/BPO
LSC 2271 Ravel/D'Indy Con in G/Sym Mnt Air Munch/BSO
LSC 2272 Prokofiev Symphony #5 Martinon/PCO
LSC 2273 Bach Canta. #4/Motet #3 Shaw Chorale
LSC 2274 Brahms Con. #1 Graffman(Piano)/Munch/BSO
LSC 2275 Brahms-Schumann Concert M. Forrester (Soprano)
LSC 2276 Brailowsky Encores / Brailowsky(Piano)
LSC 2279 Program of Song / Price(Soprano)
LSC 2280 Art of Song / Cesare Valletti (Tenor)
LSC 2281 Brahms Con. in D(Violin) Szeryng/Monteux/LSO
LSC 2282 Debussy Images for Orch. Munch/BSO
LSC 2285 Walton/LeCocq Facade/Mamzelle Angot Fistoulari/ROHO
LSC 2287 Mozart Con. #25 A Tchaikowsky(Piano)/Reiner/CSO
LSC 2288 Prokofiev Over. Russe/Sym. #7 Martinon/PCO
LSC 2292 Dukas/Ravel "The French Touch" Munch/BSO
LSC 2293 Busoni/Stravinsky Kleine Suite/Ex. Lamentosa/Suite Italian Debussy/Foss Cello Sonata/Capr. for Cello
LSC 2294 Rodgers Slaughter 10th Ave./Others Fiedler/BPO
LCS 2295 Foster Song Book / Shaw Chorale
LSC 2296 Brahms Con. #2 Rubinstein/Krips/RCAVP
LSC 2297 Brahms Sym. #4 Munch/BSO
LSC 2298 Borodin/Rimsky-Korsakov Sym. #2/Capriccio Espagnol/Tsar Sultan Martinon/LSO
LSC 2299 "Waltzes of Lehar" Sharples/LSO
LSC 2301 Adam Giselle Wolf/PCO
LSC 2302 Gilbert and Sullivan Overtures / Ward & Orch.
LSC 2303 Milanov Opera Favorites / Milanov(Soprano)/Basile Orch.
LSC 2304 Chopin Ballades/Andante Spinato/Grand Polonaise Graffman (Piano)
LSC 2307 Destination Stereo / Var. Orch.
LSC 2308 Doubling in Brass / Gould & Orch.
LSC 2309 Saint-Saens Samson and Delilah R. Stevens(Sopr.)/Met.
LSC 2312 Bach Cantatas #56 and #82 / Harrell / Shaw Chorale
LSC 2313 Venice Solti/ROHO
LSC 2314 Mendelssohn/Prokofiev Con.'s Heifetz(Vio.)/Munch/BSO
LSC 2316 Beethoven Symphony #6 Monteux/VPO
LSC 2317 Living Strings / M. Gould & Orch.
LSC 2318 Rossini Overtures Reiner/CSO
LSC 2320 Song of India / Fiedler/BPO
LSC 2322 Shostakovitch Sym. #1/Age of Gold Martinon/LSO
LSC 2323 Tchaikovsky Capric. Italienne Kondrashin RCA SO. Rimsky-Korsakov Capric. Espangnol Shumsky(Violin)
LSC 2325 Music for Frustrated Conductors/ Various
LSC 2326 Debussy/Misc. / Claire de Lune Agoult/LPrO
LSC 2327 Bizet L'Arlesienne Suites 1 & 2 Morel/ROHO Chabrier Espagna Rhap./March Joyeuse
LSC 2328 Tchaikovsky Nutcracker Suite Reiner CSO
LSC 2329 Pops Christmas Party / Fiedler/BPO
LSC 2330 Brahms Quartet #3/Piano Quartet / Festival Quartet
LSC 2331 Mario Lanza / Mario Lanza(Tenor)
LSC 2332 Hello World! / E. Roosevelt(Nar
LSC 2333 Lanza-Christmas Carols / Mario Lanza(Tenor)
LSC 2335 Rodgers Victory at Sea Vol.1 Bennett RCAVO
LSC 2336 Sibelius/Grieg Finlandia
LSC 2338 For the First Time (Sound Track) / M. Lanza(Tenor)
LSC 2339 Romberg The Student Prince / Mario Lanza(Tenor)
LSC 2340 Gershwin/Bernstein Porgy and Bess/West Side Story Bennett/RCAVO
LSC 2341 Saint Saens Sym.#3 Zamchokian(Organ)/Munch/BSO
LSC 2342 Sibelius Symphony #2 Monteux/LSO
LSC 2343 Beethoven Sym. #5/Coriolan Over. Reiner/CSO
LSC 2344 Schubert Sym. in C(Great) Munch/BSO
LSC 2345 Tchaikovsky/Ravel 1812 Over./Bolero Gould & Orch.
LDS 2346 Strauss
LDS 2347 Haydn/Mozart Sym. #104/Sym. #40 Karajan/VPO
LDS 2348 Beethoven Symphony #7 Karajan/VPO
LSC 2350 Yuletide Songfest Elias/Tozzi/Engel
LDS 2351
LSC 2352 Blackwood/Haiff Sym. #1/Sym.#2 Munch BSO
LSC 2353 Vivaldi 4 Bassoon Concertos W. Sherman(Bassoon)
LSC 2354 Mozart Fant. C min./Son. C A. Tchaikowsky(Piano)
LSC 2360 Chopin Preludes A. Tchaikowsky(Piano)
LSC 2362 Berlioz Sym. Fantastique Monteux/VPO
LSC 2363 Tchaikovsky Con. in D Szeryng (Violin)/ Munch/BSO
LSC 2364 Mahler Sym. #4 Casa(Soprano)/Reiner/CSO
LSC 2365 Boccherini/Vivaldi Con. fr Cello Janigro(Cello)/Solisti Zagreb
LSC 2366 Beethoven Sonatas in F Minor and D
LSC 2367 Gershwin Amer. in Paris/Rhap. in Blue E. Wild(Piano)/Fiedler/BPO
LSC 2368 Chopin Scherzos Rubinstein(Piano)
LSC 2369 Tchaikovsky Sym. #4 Monteux/BSO
LSC 2370 Chopin Ballades Rubinstein(Piano)
LSC 2371 Mahler Songs of Wayfarer Forrester(Soprano)/Munch/BSO
LSC 2373 Presenting Jaime Laredo / Laredo(Violin)/Sokoloff(Piano)
LSC 2374 Bartok Music for Str.
LSC 2376 Stravinsky Petrouchka Monteux/BSO
LSC 2377 Beethoven Spring & Kreutzer Sonatas Rubinstein(Piano)/Szeryng(Violin)
LSC 2378 Schubert Quartets #13 and #14(Death and the Maiden) Julliard Quartet
LSC 2379 Roberta Peters Recital Peters(Soprano)
LSC 2380 Music from Million $ Movies Fiedler/BPO
LSC 2384 Strauss
LSC 2385 Poulenc/Cocteau La Voix Humane(Opera) Duvall/Pretre
LSC 2390 Christmas Songs R. Verreau
LSC 2391 Opera for People Who Hate Opera Var. Artists
LSC 2394 Mario Lanza Sings Caruso Favorites / Lanza
LSC 2395 Prokofiev Alexander Nevsky Reiner/CSO & Chorus
LSC 2396 Beethoven Con.#3 Graffman(Piano)/Hendl/CSO
LSC 2398 Kablevsky/Khachaturian Comedians/Masquerade Suite Kondrashin/RCAVO
LSC 2399 Mendelssohn Mendelssohniana Binge/NSOL
LSC 2400 Ballet Music from the Opera Fistoulari/PCO
LSC 2401 Copland Appalachian Spring/Tender Land Copland/BSO
LSC 2402 A Chorus of Love / Shaw Chorale
LSC 2403 What Wondrous Love / Shaw Chorale
LSC 2405 Sibelius Sym.#5/Karelia Suite Gibson LSO
LSC 2406 Kalman Countess Maritza(HiLites) Vienna Volksoper
LSC 2407 Strauss
LSC 2411 Town Hall Recital / Cesare Valletti(Tenor)
LSC 2412 Schumann Dichterliebe Cesare Valletti(Tenor)
LSC 2413 Debussy/Ravel Quartets G min & F
LSC 2414 Brahms/Bach Sonata #3/Partita #3 Laredo(Violin)/Sokoloff(Piano)
LSC 2415 Debussy Prelude Bk. 1 Casadesus(Piano)
LSC 2416 Operatic Choruses / Shaw Chorale
LSC 2417 176 Keys
LSC 2418 Elgar/Brahms Enig. Var./Hayden Var. Monteux/LSO
LSC 2419 Dvorak Slavonic Dances Martinon/LSO
LSC 2420 Brahms/Beethoven Trio Eb/Sonata Szeryng(Violin)/Edgar/Begley
LSC 2421 Szeryng in Recital Szeryng(Violin)
LSC 2423 Festival / Reiner/CSO Layton
LSC 2424 Vivaldi Four Seasons Societa Corelli
LSC 2427 The Fabulous Josephine Baker
LSC 2429 Grieg/Liszt Concertos Rubinstein(Piano)/Wallenstein & Orch.
LSC 2430 Rachmnainoff Rhap Theme Paganini Rubinstein/Reiner/CSO Falla Nights in Garden of Spain Rubinstein
LSC 2433 Groffe/Beethoven Grand Canyon Suite/Wellington's Victory Gould
LSC 2435 Sibelius Violin Con. D min. Heifetz/Hendl/CSO
LSC 2436 Respighi Pines of Rome/Fountains of Rome Reiner/CSO
LSC 2437 Bizet Carmen for Orchastra Gould & Orch.
LSC 2438 Berlioz Overtures Munch BSO
LSC 2439 All Time Favorites Fiedler BPO
LSC 2440 Romberg The Desert Song Mario Lanza (Tenor)
LSC 2441 Reiner Conducts Wagner / Reiner/CSO
LSC 2442 Music of Franz Liszt Fiedler/BPO
LSC 2443 Music of Franz Liszt Graffman
LSC 2445 Armed Forces Suite Bennett/RCAVO
LSC 2446 Rimsky-Korsakov Scheherezade Reiner CSO
LSC 2447 Handel Messiah(Excerpts) Beecham/RPO Chorus
LSC 2449 Gounod/Bizet Ballet Music Faust/Carmen Gibson/ROHO
LSC 2450 Schummann/Meyerbeer Carnaval/Patneurs Rignold ROHO
LSC 2454 Mario Lanza Program / Lanza(Tenor)
LSC 2455 Schumann Con. A min Van Cliburn(Piano) Reiner/CSO
LSC 2456 Lalo Sym. Espagol Szeryng(Violin)/Hendl/CSO
LSC 2458 Arias / R. Verreau (Canadian RCA)
LSC 2459 Brahms Sonata #3/Inter. F min Rubinstein(Piano)
LSC 2460 Bach Suite #2 B min/Brandenburg Con. #5 Janigro/Rampal(Flute)/Solisti di Zagreb
LSC 2461 Mozart Con. #24/Rondo A min. Rubinstein(Piano)/Krips
LSC 2462 Debussy/Strauss
LSC 2465 Prokoiev/Haydn #2/Sonata #35 Frager(Piano)/Leibowitz/PCO
LSC 2466 Brahms Con. #2 Richter(Piano)/Leinsdorf/CSO
LSC 2468 Chopin/Mendelssohn Con. #1/Capr. Brill. Graffman(Piano)/Munch/BSO
LSC 2470 More Classical Music for People Who Hate It / Fiedler/BPO
LSC 2471 Liszt/Enesco Rhapsodies Stokowski/RCASO
LSC 2472 Bruch/Mozart Con's #1/#2 Laredo(Violin)/Mitchell/NSO
LSC 2473 Brahms Piano Quartet G min. Festival Quartet (Szymon Goldberg
LSC 2474 Schumann Spring Sym./Manfred Over. Munch/BSO
LSC 2481 Schumann/Carter Quartet #3/Quartet #2 Julliard Str. Quartet N/A N/A N/A
LSC 2485 Delibes Sylvia/Coppelia Rignold/PCO
LSC 2486 Music of Frank Loesser Fiedler/BPO
LSC 2487 Giulliani/Arnold Con. Guitar/Guitar Con. Julian Bream(Guitar)/Melos Ensemble
LSC 2488 Faure/Debussy Sonata #1/Sonata #3 Graffman(Piano)
LSC 2489 Dvorak Sym.#7(old #2) Monteux/LSO
LSC 2490 Dvorak Cello Concerto Piatigorsky(Cello)/Munch/BSO
LSC 2491 Beethoven Sym. #1/Sym. #8 Monteux/LSO
LSC 2493 Schubert Sonata in D Gilels(Piano)
LSC 2495 Heart of the Concerto / Rubinstein & Var. Orch.
LSC 2496 Heart of the Symphony / Reiner/CSO
LSC 2497 Prokofiev Ugly Duckling/Cinderella Galina Vishnevskaya
LSC 2498 Jan Peerce Sings Hebrew Melodies / Peerce Oelrich
LSC 2500 Strauss
LSC 2502 Misc. / Serenade / R. Verreau (Canadian RCA)
LSC 2749 Strauss Recital by Lisa Della Casa