Living Stereo
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Here are some articles about Living Stereo, the music, the sound, the recording equipment or techniques, the reissues, or other subjects which may be of interest.

Submissions from anyone with knowledge of the music, the recordings of the era or their reissues would be welcome.

Opinions expressed are the opinions of the respective authors, not mine!


Jack Pfeiffer's Corner
Classic Records has a section of their site dedicated to Mr. Pfeiffer. Hear it from the principal producer of the original recordings in his own comments and recollections, complete with photos and sound clips!

A Tale Of Two Studios
Article by hifi + magazine. The author visits the studio transfering Living Stereo, SoundMirror, and the studio transfering Living Stereo's most famed contemporary, Living Presence. Mentions are made of the processes involved and the condition of the aging historic source tapes.